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Surrounded by the beauty of Fiji that includes beautiful beaches, coral reefs and mountains will contribute to this amazing teaching experience.

When joining this program volunteers provide educational support by assisting with teaching and preparing fun games or activities for under resourced schools. This contributes to the children’s future and opportunities in life.

While providing educational support for the children of Fiji, volunteers will have the opportunity to experience the Fijian culture.


The program focuses on:

  • Improving literacy and numeracy levels as well as facilitating creative and physical development during art and sports.
  • Lesson delivery, enriching school program with new resources and extra curricular activities


Detalles del programa

  • Tipo de programa
    • Teaching
    • Volunteering
  • Ubicación
    • Dawasamu
  • Programa individual o grupal
  • Puntos destacables
    • Teaching children and seeing them progress
    • Exploring Fiji
    • Island hopping
    • Dolphin watching, scuba diving and snorkeling

¿Qué se incluye en tu experiencia?

  • Hospedaje
  • Soporte de Emergencia 24/7
  • Alimentación
  • Asistencia en el proceso de solicitud
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Apoyo constante
  • Orientación previa al intercambio
  • Orientaciones durante tu tiempo en el extranjero
  • 40 años de experiencia
  • Recibimiento en aeropuerto
  • Transporte doméstico
  • Materiales para proyectos

¿Qué no incluye tu programa?

  • Boleto de avión redondo
  • Seguro Médico
  • Vacunas
  • Tours culturales