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Our Internship Program in Spain offers a very good opportunity with a Spanish ed tech startup based in Madrid.

They have recently been funded by two state agencies, that finance and support Spanish companies with innovative and technological projects.
The company develops mobile applications to train workers in the tourism sector in a more effective and inexpensive way. They focus on language and cultural skills. They have developed our own methodology and content that we tested in the consumer market with an app that was used by 150.000 users. Their focus now is on employees in the tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc…) who lack basic knowledge of English and other foreign languages.
Their mission is to provide an efficient tool to train workers in the tourism sector with a critical skill (language and cultural knowledge) so they can advance in their careers and serve their customers better.

Detalles del programa

  • Tipo de programa
    • Internships
  • Ubicación
    • Madrid
  • Programa individual o grupal
  • Puntos destacables
    • To improve the knowledge of the Spanish language.
    • To strengthen your approach to Spanish culture and the mutual exchange of good practices.
    • To approach a company and develop a new vision of the professional activity in a different context.
    • To complement the theory training gained by the intern until now, implementing that knowledge in real situations.
    • To promote learning of other processes, ways of working and company cultures.

¿Qué se incluye en tu experiencia?

  • Hospedaje
  • Hospedaje con Familia Anfitriona
  • Soporte de Emergencia 24/7
  • Alimentación
  • Asistencia en el proceso de solicitud
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Apoyo constante
  • Orientaciones durante tu tiempo en el extranjero
  • Presencia internacional
  • Persona de Contacto Individual
  • Recibimiento en aeropuerto
  • Asistencia en aplicación de visa
  • Asignación en Institución

¿Qué no incluye tu programa?

  • Boleto de avión redondo
  • Transporte doméstico
  • Cargos por visa y pasaporte
  • Seguro Médico