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Poverty has declined substantially over the last 30 years in Thailand. Large-scale income inequality, however, poses a significant challenge to families. Vulnerable groups, such as migrants, informal workers, and displaced persons are not equally benefiting from Thailand’s economic successes. Women and children are still vulnerable and gender equality continues to stifle progress. With more than 7.3 million people living in poverty, and the majority in rural areas, the drive to move to cities such as Bangkok is strong.

Join CCS Thailand as we support the education and well-being of vulnerable children and their families. Education in Thailand is valued greatly, and our programs provide support for English language, recreational, and educational curricula. In addition to the many daycares and community centers that focus on early childhood development, our work expands to schools who welcome the support of international volunteers.

CCS in Thailand has been working for the last 15 years as a leader in early childhood education with the support of our international volunteer base.

Detalles del programa

  • Tipo de programa
    • Volunteering
  • Ubicación
    • Bangkok
  • Programa individual o grupal
    Individual o grupal
  • Puntos destacables
    • Meaningful, impactful volunteer work assignment
    • Cultural Immersion & Activities
    • Dedicated in-country staff of local national experts

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  • Recibimiento en aeropuerto
  • Transporte doméstico
  • Seguro Médico
  • Asignación en Organización
  • Excursiones
  • Tours culturales
  • Enseñanza del idioma
  • Materiales para educador
  • Materiales para proyectos

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